GJUUM Training is all about bringing good things together!

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Here, Super Star GJUUMer Alina Cojocaru is in the middle of training with her lovely motivation builder Charlie and GJUUM Trainer Christoph Thormann.  Professional dancers you see on stage appear to be flawless, light and elegant….this is the result of going through intense, rigorous and repetitive training to build strength that is equivalent to that of an elite athlete!

Every dancer can benefit from being strong with fewer injuries and a longer career with GJUUM Training Methods, which is based on sports science – a collection of different sciences such as biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, training science, movement and exercise science, psychology, nutrition.  GJUUM Training Methods are developed based on evidence from 1,000+ dancers, focusing on the result, that is, the execution of performance.

And of course, if you train with your favourite fluffy friend and GJUUM trainer, it is more fun….GJUUM Training is all about bringing good things together!