“We have observed a lot of unnecessary health problems due to well-intentioned, yet uninformed decisions in performers‘ healthcare.“

Patrick Rump, GJUUM Ltd

Having body and mind under control is essential to you. You are a high-level performer and care about achieving excellence daily. So do we.

Your ultimate performance allows you to achieve everything you are dreaming of.

GJUUM applies achievements from the field of sports science, sports medicine and other relevant fields of science to get the best out of your Performance.

Our work experience with elite performers paired with scientific expertise will bring you to your peak. No matter where you start from.



Performance can be any kind of outcome or result you are after.

The best dance performance of your life, having great relationships in private and business environment, breaking a world record in 100m sprinting, losing that little extra weight you are carrying around your belly….

Now in scientific terms we know, whatever we can measure, we can improve.

When ART meets SCIENCE

Experience and Expertise – Performance Powered by Science

Combining artistic and athletic experience with profound scientific expertise makes the GJUUM Group a unique company.

As an award winning company, GJUUM was honored for its work with the German Culture and Creativity Award „Kreativpiloten“ by the German Federal Government through Federal Minister Peter Altmaier for bridging the gap between science and practice in the promotion of performance.

Customers of GJUUM are, among others, the Forsythe Company, the Royal Ballet Covent Garden, the English National Ballet, the English National Ballet School, the Hofesh Shechter Company and the Hessian State Ballet.


The Impact of Sports Science on Dance

The documentary „Dance, Sports Science and Patrick Rump“, which was premiered in 2014 at the prestigious Prix de Lausanne, gives a far-reaching insight into the daily work of GJUUM.

GJUUM’s clients include many high-profile directors, dancers and dance companies who report on their work with GJUUM in numerous statements and interviews, including William Forsythe, Tamara Rojo, Kevin O’Hare, Alina Cojocaru, Stefanie Arndt, Federico Bonelli and Matthias Heyman.


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