“We have observed a lot of unnecessary health problems due to well-intentioned, yet uninformed decisions in performers‘ healthcare.“

Patrick Rump



GJUUM applies achievements from the field of sports science, sports medicine and other relevant fields of science to get the best out of your performance. Most important to us is to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.

With the experiences and data from our work in the last 10 years, we are able to achieve this symbiosis like no other in the world of dance and performance. With the experience of working with clients and companies worldwide we can rely on comprehensive knowledge, that’s unique in the world of dance and performance.

As an award winning company, GJUUM was honored for its work with the German Culture and Creativity Award „Kreativpiloten“ by the German Federal Government through Federal Minister Peter Altmaier for bridging the gap between science and practice in the promotion of performance.

Customers of GJUUM are, among others, the Forsythe Company, the Royal Ballet Covent Garden, the English National Ballet, the English National Ballet School, the Hofesh Shechter Company and the Hessian State Ballet.

The GJUUM Founders

Patrick Rump & Frank Appel

Patrick Rump

A Magister in Sport Science, Sport Medicine and Pedagogy and former National Karate Team Performer for the German National Team,
Patrick Rump is recognized as an international provider for healthcare and performance enhancement for performers in fields of arts and sports. Over the years he has trained and coached dancers, choreographers, dance organizations and athletes to achieve higher levels of performance.

Patrick truly believes human performance can be increased to levels unseen before and every individual can benefit from scientific achievements applied to “real life”. His motivating and optimistic nature is congruent with the GJUUM approach to dig deep into human potential.

Patrick was also invited as a speaker by the BAC Baryshnikov Arts Center New York, The Centre National de la Dance Paris, the Ballettakademie Stockholm, the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt HfMDK, the HZT and UdK Berlin, and the Royal Opera House Covent Garden London.

Frank Appel

Frank Appel is Managing Director of GJUUM Germany GmbH and manages the Frankfurt office. He studied Sports Science, Sports Medicine, and Psychology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt Main. There he met Patrick Rump during his studies.

As of 2009, Frank and Patrick started delivering sports science and medicine services to the Royal Ballet of London. In 2014, they founded GJUUM Ltd. UK and in 2016 GJUUM Germany GmbH.

Frank has completed numerous further education courses and has acquired trainer licenses for various specializations, most recently training as a massage therapist in 2017 and further education in deep tissue massage in 2018.


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